Ray Mather


About Me


 Born:             30th October, 1950 Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

Education:      Loughborough College Grammar School (1962 -1970)

                       Milton Keynes College of Education (1970-1973) - Cert. Ed

                       University of Loughborough (1989-1994) - MA (Educational Studies)

Occupation:    Schoolteacher

I am a retired teacher of English and Drama.

I am married to Elaine;  I have two grown-up children, William and Rose and three grown-up step-children, Lisa, Robert and Tom.

I've been writing poetry regularly since my mid-teens. I showed some of my early work to an English teacher and he gave me a copy of Ezra Pound’s “Selected Poems” because, he said,  it seemed relevant to the way I was writing.

I loved Pound’s poetry and was very flattered, but as I got older I realised that the only thing I had in common with Pound really was my birthday!  At this time I had to sleep with a notebook and pen at the side of my bed because inspiration would flash ideas into my head in the middle of the night and wouldn’t let me sleep until I had safely committed them to paper. Oddly enough these ideas always seemed to be less good in the cold light of day!

My output has remained fairly regular since but as the years have gone on, these have become less inspirational, less personal and more focused on educational matters - therefore, sadly, more craft than art.

In the 1980's, I couldn't find the sort of poems that I was looking for to address issues at the school in which I was then teaching so started writing them myself. After a time, I tried to get them published and sent them off to numerous publishing houses. I didn't succeed in getting a book deal but ended up being published in a lot of school anthology collections; this brought with it many commissions for writing poems on specific themes. I enjoy the playing with words, but miss the muse that first got me writing for myself.

I find language fascinating and am intrigued by the way words shape our thoughts. However, as a drama teacher, I am also aware that verbal language is not always capable of sincerely expressing our feelings. Ironically, my largest piece of writing was a 38,000 word MA dissertation entitled "Images for Understanding" - where I propounded the notion that images could be more immediate and emotionally precise whereas words were slower and subject to different nuances and interpretations

 My intention here is to share the poetry that I have written as a series of collections, including both published and unpublished work. As an educator and writer, I am happy to enter into correpondence about any aspect of these collections.

email: raymather@hotmail.com