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Workshop Content and Costs

Workshops and lessons are competitively priced at a similar rate to that of an experienced supply teacher.Expenses can be negotiated according to the distance travelled. The content and activities involved can be created to fit in with individual class/school needs. Below are examples of  workshops completed.

Contact: raymather@hotmail.com  Mobile: 07958 353169. 

KS 1 /4 - Workshops can be adapted and Differentiated


"Wishes" Workshop

Learning  Objectives:                                                                                                                                        

Learn  to write using particulars instead of general statements e.g. “I wish for £250,000” v “I wish to be rich” .                                                                                                      

Learn to select significant detail to make their writing vivid and interesting.                      

Learn to rank their wishes in order to lead up to a strong ending wish.                              

Identify definitive features of the litany/list form.


School Objectives                                                                        

The students will analyse, evaluate and assess their wishes.                                                                         

The students will work cooperatively to write an original poem.

Materials: Two poems, “I Wish I Had a Super Power” and “My Wishes for the World”; Post-it notes; Sugar paper or similar; Writing materials; Pritt sticks or similar; Countdown clock.


INTRODUCTION (10-15 mins)

Tell fairy Story: The Fisherman and the Magical Fish


Q & A: How would you use your three wishes? What would you wish for? Write wishes on  post-it notes and stick on wall for later. Explanation of the aims for the rest session: Group work first, followed by individual work, Fun with words, rhyme and rhythm, Presentations verbal and/or display



Read “My Wishes for the World”



IN 4 GROUPS: NORTH, EAST, SOUTH and WEST (15-20 mins)

Q & A  about the poem followed by group work - discuss and quickly write down group ideas for wishes that would improve the world of their family and friends, the school, the wider world. Collectively assemble the ideas to make a poem. They can use the form modelled in “My Wishes for the World” or agree upon a form of their own. Stick on the sugar paper and display.


Read “I Wish I Had a Super Power” and offer alternatives e.g. “Instant Wish” frame



INDIVIDUAL WORK (10-15mins) .

Q & A  about the poem followed by individual work. Return to the post-it notes for personal wishes. Create individual “Wish” poems in any shape or form using as many wishes as they have time for. Writing frames will be available if needed.




Individually or as a group read/perform your work, view the poster display and comment.

"Friendship" Workshop

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"Birds and Origami" Workshop - Experimenting With Form

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"Responding in Role" - Use of Drama as a Stimulus 

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"Prosody" Workshop

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